Welcome to Soyfoods of America

Family owned and operated since 1981, Soyfoods of America has been dedicated to manufacturing and providing you with the best quality and most wholesome soy products possible.

Soyfoods of America specializes in many types of soymilk and tofu items. We manufacture private label items as well as items in bulk. We can also custom manufacture to fit your needs.

We use only top quality identity preserved soybeans for all of our products. The soybeans are grown in the wide open plains of the United States. We do not use imported soybeans.

Our soymilk manufacturing system is Swiss designed and is one of the most modern and versatile in the United States. We manufacture both conventional and organic soymilks, and all our soymilks are kosher.

Our tofu plant is steeped in tradition. The soybeans are soaked, ground up and cooked. The milk and the fibers are separated. The resulting milk is then coagulated using calcium sulfate and poured into forming boxes. Then the whey is pressed out. Our tofus are hand cut for an artisanal flair.

Think smart, think healthy, think Furama.


Think smart, Think healthy, Think Furama
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